Saturday, August 16, 2008


CNN reports two men an ex-officer and ex-correctional officer allegedly found Big Foot dead in Northern Georgia on their camping trip and are allowing an autopsy on Big Foot and D.N.A. analysis examination. The videos underneath us are the reports from CNN,a press conference held yesterday,and Fox's investigation with Tom Biscardi,who's a Big Foot hunter. He went to Northern Georgia to meet with the founders of the dead body took pictures and claims to be have taken to the secret location where numerous other Big Foot's live in the deep woods. Although Tom Biscardi and the founders don't want to give the location away in order to protect the species. Many seem skeptic of the situation including Fox anchorwoman Megyn Kelly who asks Tom why not let us see,feel,and determine for our self's if this is real or a false statement.Tom then openly invites Megyn to come and cover the story of the team of scientist who are going to perform an examination on Big Foot.Is this real? or a hoax?

Press Conference With Founders Of Big Foot's Dead Body

Sly Fox Questions Tom Biscardi Big Foot Hunter

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Is skunk ape Real?

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Is Bigfoot True or false? For over 4 hundred years, there have been reporting’s of a guy like creature that may be absolutely coated in hair.
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