Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Agallah Interview

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1. SYN CITY: Any upcoming projects your working on?

AGALLAH: Yes indeed I stay busy the Propain Campaign Vs Led Zepplin in August and my album in Oct.

2. S.C.-Whats your upcomming single so we can look out for it ?

AG: Right now bubbling I have "Anyway" Featuring Mavado and its buzzing like a big record so I have a few options but thats one of em so check and look out for it also we dont die is crazy both Alchemist and DJ Premier feel it real big so thats a plus

3. S.C.-State of hip hop is good or bad? whos keeping it alive or who's helping burying it?

AG:Well really you have to keep it alive within yourself people say hip hop is dead but thats not even tru Rock n Roll may be but look its coming back in a major way even rappers went far as to call them selves rock stars.hip hop is rock look at Run Dmc w walk this way and other artist like Beastie Boys who made Hip-Hoppers like Rock Hip Hop is Soul, R n B , Reggae its all Hip Hop so its pretty much alive its just that diffrent types of Hip Hop is coming out in diffrent areas so we will keep seeing this transformation

4. S.C.-Can we expect more work from you with Dip Set?

AG:Well as of the moment im concentrating on Propain Campain my chapter with the Dips aint over we still cool as far as i know shout to the Dips and Shiest Bubz (Purple City)

5.S.C.-Whats you favorite type of weed?

AG:Good piff ,sour deisel or sour kush either or that morpheous

6.S.C.-Have you ever used the volcano vaporizer for weed?if so whats your opinion on it?

AG:Yeah my man had that when it first came out didnt care for it much if you gon do weed roll it in a blunt best thing and way better than a joint when that paper is nasty and dont belong on weed fuck all joint smoking ass niggas who wanna pass a joint fuck outta here

7.S.C.-Whats better Nas Nigger album or Carter 3?

AG:Carter 3 cause wayne aint buggin like nas is he may be a lil overated as a mc but his swag got the nation in a wrap right now speaking of that lil wayne took swag from the dips and they didnt even know it i seen wayne hangin round the dips at china club laughin and joking and having a good time but honestly no nigga in the us got swag like ny does and niggas come here and take it and run with it like he did he even got a chain thats is the ny yankees emblem on the cover of xxl
good look for reppin ny wayne!

8. Whos over rated and who's under rated?

AG:Well nothing personal but lil wayne is overated on his lp he aint talking bout nothing. i was in the barber shop with my man gevis of dtpradio. com and we was talking about rappers in general the real the fake and his name came up as a overated mc which he aint wack but i see his whole gaff is just flow and say funny shit tahts it good punchlines and having a good time werks for him talking about "nigger" on records dont work for everybody w nas cause he is just re iterating the stereo type like david chappelle did i belive somewhat.but i belive im underated do you ? hit me with the answer to that at

9.S.C.-What's your jam right now?

AG:well really i aint listening to nothing i mean you cant help but hear lil wayne shit all over right now but real talk im on verge of breaking that slot any minute watch im a one man army i do my own beats and rhymes and make incredible records
attested by hip hops greats now the public gotta accept it just give me my due its that easy im here until yall give me mines real talk

10. S.C.-Any shout outs?

AG:Shout to all the hating ass muthafuckas out there and the propain campain and my true heads who fux with me
remember the propain code

fuck all that artificial love if you real then throw it up for the propain campain all my gees locked and coming home hold ya head and all my soldiers in the streets keep ya eyes and ears open if it aint propain campain its lame the world is ours and thats destiny muthafuckas
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